The Release Party 2016 was a party on the Pengur Island. This was the first party on the island. There were 5 free items that you could receive. The party took place from March 5, 2016 - March 12, 2016. Many mascots also attended this party such as Ted and DJ Cadence.

Free items

Image Item Type Location Members only?
[[File:|x50px|center]] Pengur Release Background Background Party menu. No
[[File:|50px|center]] Pengur Party Hat Head Item Party menu No
Arctic Fox icon
Tame Arctic Fox Head Item Party menu No


  • This is Pengur's first ever party on the Pengur Island
  • Items from this party might not return and could possibly be rare for players who joined through the first week of Pengur.


  • During the first few hours of March 5, you couldn't type numbers. The team fixed this glitch not long after.


Login Screens

No login screens were styled for this party.



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