Sled Racing
Players 2-4
Controls Arrow Keys
Minigame location Ski Hill
Date released Pengur Release
Sled Racing was a multiplayer minigame in Pengur, located at the Ski Hill, which up to 4 players could play. The game also had it's own set of items from the Game Upgrades catalog at the Ski Hill.


When the game starts, the players slide down a narrow section of a hill using inner tubes, and use the arrow keys to navigate: up and/or right to go to the left (in the point of view of the penguin), and down and/or left to go to the right side of the hill. The game is full of obstacles, such as rocks and wooden logs, and the player has to navigate in order to avoid them or to move to a safe path of the hill. Touching an obstacle makes the player fall off. Ice patches are also scattered across the hill, allowing the players to speed up for a brief moment. At the end of the route is an ending line with 2 clapping penguins. The first player who reaches the line wins 20 coins, the second player wins 10, and the last player earn 5 coins.

Standard runs

Run name Players Short description
Bunny Hill2The first and easiest track out of the four
Express2A harder but easy level. It's pretty easy but harder than Bunny Hill.
Penguin Run3Longer than the first two runs, and is the first to introduce cliffs
Ridge Run4The longest track, and the one that holds the largest number of players.