Pengur has many staff members that make sure the game runs smoothly. Moderators all have a special badge on their playercard. The badges can be seen below. Here are the positions and names of all staff members.

Development Team

Yoyo - Yoyo is the founder and owner of Pengur Island. He runs the official twitter account and loves meeting new friends.

Flippy - Flippy designs for Pengur Island. He designs brand new rooms, puffles, parties and so much more.

Hagrid - Hagrid develops and codes new features on the Pengur Island. He makes sure the server is running smoothly.

Moderation Team

Orange - Orange is a Senior Moderator on Pengur Island. He is the head author and team manager of the Pengur Times and helps run the official Pengur Twitter account. He loves meeting new friends and helping out in any way he can!

Brookelas - Brookelas (also known as Brook) is a Planner on Pengur Island. He plans parties and events with the team.

Zeus - Zeus is a moderator on the Pengur Island. He also helps Brookelas plan parties and events from time to time.


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